Managed Network Services for BusinessDoes your IT staff include personnel who are dedicated to compliance or cybersecurity? How confident are you that your team is prepared to take today’s security threats head-on? How likely are you to be able to ward off a determined attack?

Managed Network Services for Business

If you don’t have a dedicated staff for the positions mentioned above, and you’re not terribly confident about your team’s prospects when it comes to solid cybersecurity defense, then you’re not alone. According to a recent report issued by Netwrix, a staggering 74 percent of companies say that they are ill-prepared to beat the most common IT security threats today.

In fact, 89 percent of companies report that they are only using the most basic IT security solutions, even though more advanced and robust options are available.

Shoring your business’s digital security

Department heads report that the two biggest obstacles in terms of shoring up their digital security are money (57 percent) and a lack of time (54 percent). As to the aforementioned dedicated personnel to handle cybersecurity and compliance, only 35 percent of companies have them, which means that if you don’t, you’ve got plenty of company.

The problem is that the threat matrix is only increasing in its complexity, and basic tools just don’t have the stopping power to get the job done. Add to that the fact that in the absence of having a dedicated managed services and cybersecurity team, your IT staff likely doesn’t have the necessary level of expertise to even properly evaluate incoming threats, much less respond to them effectively.

There are no easy answers here, and no simple solutions. Every company faces budgetary constraints, and agonizing choices have to be made. Unfortunately, to this point, most companies are simply choosing to invest their available dollars in other areas, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. This leaves IT staff undersized, and lacking in the tools and expertise necessary to truly protect a company and its data.

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