12 Things Every Medical Office
Practice Administrator Ought To Know About HIPAA

Our competition hands you a report and leaves, we hand you a report and are just starting.

Data Breach Prevention

  • Data Breach Prevention, by securing your network and business, will lead to HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance.
  • Data Breach prevention is also a smart business since the average cost of a data breach in 2013 was $ 201 per patient record. Multiply your number of patient records times $ 201 to estimate the cost of a data breach to your practice.
  • A HIPAA breach was the basis for a successful malpractice suit.
  • You were required to complete your first HIPAA Risk Analysis in 2005. A Security Risk Analysis (SRA) is NOT optional – it is required.
  • If you attested to Meaningful Use, you were required to complete a HIPAA Risk Analysis prior to attestation, and to remediate your risks during your reporting period.
  • Like a diagnosis without a blood test or x-ray, an accurate risk analysis cannot be complete without understanding what is going on “under the skin” of your computer network.
  • A Risk Analysis must be updated whenever there are major changes in your organization, such as implementing a new EHR, loss of a Partner, or moving the business to a new location.

HHS Requires Documented Evidence of Compliance

  • Policies and Procedures are not enough for compliance – Health and Human Services (HHS) wants documented evidence of compliance.
  • Every organization except one subjected to an Office of Civil Rights (OCR) investigation that resulted in a Resolution Agreement (RA) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) was cited for failure to perform a proper Security Risk Analysis. The one that had done a risk analysis was penalized for documenting risks but not mitigating them.
  • 68% of the organizations audited in 2012 had adverse findings regarding the Risk Analysis.
  • You had to sign new Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with all of your Vendors by September 22, 2014 that comply with the Omnibus Rule changes from January of 2013.
  • A Data Breach generally opens the door for an audit from OCR, and the first thing they are going to ask for is…a copy your current Risk Analysis.
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The federal government says “doing a thorough and professional risk analysis that will stand up to a compliance review will require expert knowledge that could be obtained through services of an experienced outside professional.” http://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/top-10-myths-security-risk-analysis

HIPAA Security Rule
§ 164.312

“Implement technical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to electronic protected health information that is being transmitted over an electronic communications network.”

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